//The Science Behind Soundproofing and the Benefits of Insulation

The Science Behind Soundproofing and the Benefits of Insulation

Sound is a wonderful thing.When transformed into melodious music, it can be welcoming to the ears. However, the beauty and melody of sound often depends on a few factors: when, where, and how? The sound that comes into our homes in the form of noise can be a trouble to handle. The noise of car honks, even children playing, and adults screaming can be a hassle in numerous situations—ranging from when you have guests seated in your dining, to the time you want some peace and quiet.

While controlling the external noise is not in our control, we can soundproof our homes to have more tranquility and peace of mind indoors. To understand the concept of soundproofing, we will have to take a look at the science behind it.

The Science behind Soundproofing

Because it travels in the form of waves, sound is basically a form of energy which is generated when things tend to vibrate. As the energy travels outward, away from the source that generated it, it makes all objects and the air around us to vibrate in synchronization. This process continues, until all that is left of the energy finally reaches our ears. In short, sound starts as a source and then travels through numerous mediums to enter our ears and light up the receptors in our brain. And if you want to stop it, do so by interrupting the chain of events that transpire in its way.

One common scientific mistake that is committed by most constructors is that they confuse blocking sound waves similar to light. Although both of these energy forms travel in the form of waves, the wavelengths are contrastingly different. As light waves have shorter wavelengths, they can be blocked out in a simpler way. This is why, it is easier to turn your house pitch black, than it is to get it soundproofed.

The sound waves coming into your home travel through the solid particles in your wall. If you are able to stop the vibrations they generate from this medium, you can achieve the aim of a soundproof home. The best way to control these vibrations is to form a layer over the walls; a concept very similar to that of insulation.

Benefits of Insulation

All those looking for insulation to have reduced energy bills, would be delighted to find out that insulation has numerous benefits. A few of these benefits are:

  • Reduced Energy Bills: By keeping your home cool in the summers and fairly warm in the winters, insulation can drastically decrease your energy bills. This will not only lead to more energy efficiency, but towards decreased wastage of energy as well.
  • Soundproofing: Due to the implementation of the science we mentioned above, Insulation can make your home a tranquil and peaceful place to be in.
  • Environmentally Clean: With the help of insulation you can keep all hazardous environmental pollutants and allergens away from your home.

Most of us would willingly trade a small fortune to live in a peaceful and tranquil environment. However, that is not always possible—with your job, the kid’s school, and other retraining factors keeping you put. However, soundproofing your home is a great option— one which ensures that you remain in control of the sounds you want to let in your life.

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