//All You Need To Know About the Process of Getting a Construction Permit in Canada

All You Need To Know About the Process of Getting a Construction Permit in Canada

Before you start constructing your house, you need to be wary of all the laws governing the state you live in. The first step of the extensive process is to acquire a construction permit. In its originality, a construction permit can be a troublesome concept for many homeowners, thus they end up committing the grave mistake of neglecting it.
Here we will discuss all that you need to know about getting a construction permit and what are the other details in the process.

What is a Construction Permit?

The authority responsible for managing the building code in your state will issue the construction permit. The construction permit is part of the original building permit, which relates to the construction, demolition, renovation and alteration of buildings. The enforcement of the building code is carried out by municipal building departments in almost all states.

Why Do You Need a Construction Permit?

The construction permit gives your municipality the much needed leverage to protect your interests as well as those of the community. By going over building plans before work is actually started on them, the municipality is in total control of the fact that the construction complies with:
1. The building code
2. The local by-laws
3. Restrictions and requirements present under the Environmental Protection Act
4. Other applicable legislations

When Do You Need a Permit?

Now that you know what a building permit and a construction permit is, it is pertinent to know when they are useful. You must obtain a construction permit before you start constructing any new building over 10 square meters in area. Even if you are constructing a seasonal building, you should have the construction permit in your hands.

How to Apply for the Permit?

To apply for the construction permit, you need to fill an application. The application for the construction permit can either be had from your municipality in person, or from their website. It is recommended that you have a detailed conversation with the staff in your municipality before you apply, so that there are confusions later on. They can also guide you regarding all that you will be required to attach along with the application for it to be considered valid. Failure to provide the required documents will leave the application void. Construction permits should be submitted to your municipality, not to your provincial government.

What Happens to the Application?

Once you have submitted your application to the municipality, they will go through it and confirm whether the work complies with the building code and all other laws that come into the perspective. Your application may be sent to other municipal officers for reviews and comments.
Complex applications may take some time, so you need to patiently wait for them to come back. The regular time frame for the application to process is 10 days for a normal house and more than 30 days for a complex building such as a hospital
You can always take the help of municipal staff and your contractor if you have more questions in this regard.

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