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About Us

Why Choose Us?

White Willow Design’s services all point to one main benefit: We get you ready to build. If you’re like most, you have a rough idea of what’s needed to get going on a renovation project or new home build, but mostly, you just want to get going. Actually, most people are unaware of just how many steps, choices and discussions are needed before the renovation can even start.

White Willow Design has thorough expertise and the experience to handle every step of the way there. We put the proper care and time into renovation design and planning, so that you have everything you need to get construction rolling. And with all the details properly addressed in the design and planning phase, you avoid the unnecessary bumps along the rest of the way — and the unexpected “extra” costs that notoriously arise!

By completing the design and planning phase with White Willow, you can present the resulting plan and architectural drawings to any reputable contractor to produce a construction quote. Should you be using our sister company, Artisan Contracting, for the build phase, your construction quote would be guaranteed.

We take the stress out of the renovation process so you can actually enjoy seeing your new home develop.

Newly renovated kitchen
Newly renovated sunroom

Who we are

White Willow Design offers a uniquely specialized service. For such a diverse, yet critical, part of the renovation process, it’s rare to find one business that handles every component needed to get homeowners to the construction phase. Architects do a drawing but don’t think too much about budget.

Designers decorate but don’t always consider structure. Contractors can help with permits, but need a drawing, and there’s no one really who simply plans the renovation. White Willow focuses exclusively on all of the things that fit in this important phase in order to set homeowners — and their contractors — up for a successful build.

With a solid background in home construction, we offer that essential (but often absent) understanding of what’s needed from design to make the build happen properly. We offer BCIN-accredited architectural drawings, ready for permit and/or construction, as well as interior decorating services.

We function as an independent service, developing and preparing all that’s needed for any home building contractor or renovator to step in and begin construction. In most cases, however, we work in conjunction with Artisan Contracting for the construction phase, allowing for smoother project management and accountability through the entire process. To learn more about Artisan Contracting, we invite you visit their website.

Our History

Before the formation of White Willow Design, homeowners obtained home design and planning through Artisan Contracting of Burlington, Ontario, since 2009. In 2013, White Willow Design was launched as a distinct company in response to the growing demand for more specialized services in the planning phase, and to be able to serve a larger area.

Being able to provide homeowners with a full range of design services, from architectural drawings, to permit procurement, to interior décor consultation, has addressed a very real need in a potentially complicated and frustrating process.

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